A funny thing happened…

The social media course for writers I had booked onto on the 7th October began at 10am. So it was an early start to get from my hometown in East Sussex, to the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury, London. Luckily the train journey with fellow writer Mabel Bliss went well, and we met two other author friends, Wendy Clarke and Liz Eeles-Smith, at Victoria station on time.

I heard about this course from writers while at the RNA conference in July at the Harper Adams university. Writers these days have to learn many other skills other than writing, so I knew this was a course I could benefit from. Whether they are traditionally published or Indie authors, writers need to know how to promote themselves and their books on social media. This is in order to generate sales and find maximum readers for their work.

We arrived at The Holiday Inn, which was clean, bright and welcoming. Once we were all settled into the classroom with our teas, coffees and bottles of water, the course began. We started off by learning about Twitter. I love Twitter and feel it’s a great tool for promotion. I learnt all about something called: Tweetdeck, which is about scheduling tweets, and also what kind of thing to tweet to get followers when not promoting your books. Apparently pictures of cats and cakes work well. We covered lots of aspects of social media including Instagram, which is all about images, but still good for promotion.

We then progressed onto Facebook, which is where a funny thing happened.
I was in the classroom minding my own business and listening intently to Anita, along with the rest of the students, when something hilarious popped up on my Facebook screen. I just happened to glance down at the screen to see that Facebook had put a Medieval History picture on my screen. This was a funny picture I had shared on my timeline a year ago. How strange it happened to pop up at just that precise moment! Honestly it was all I could do not to guffaw loudly with laughter, and I almost nudged Liz who was sitting next to me.

Thankfully I didn’t. Instead I averted my eyes from the screen and concentrated on the course. Just so you know what I’m talking about here’s the offending picture. WARNING RUDE PICTURE COMING UP!

Thankfully I somehow managed to contain my laughter, and lucky for me the next time I looked at the screen, the Medieval History picture had disappeared. Phew!

On reflection the day was thoroughly enjoyable and many thanks to Anita of Neetsmarketing for a well-run and very informative course. Also great cookies, cakes and lunch too Anita. I definitely learnt loads from the day and the only thing I have to do now is to put some of it into practice.

photo of me
Enjoying the Social Media course with fellow writers. 



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